PROBLEM: The parts referred to in the Lessons and How-Tos can be a pain to chase down. Sometimes they can be just plain hard to find. Other times they can be found but prices vary widely. And with each source comes shipping and handling expenses, not to mention widely varying delivery times.

We attempt to help in the following three ways:

HELP ONE - The Parts Catalog. Each and every How-To and Lesson has a materials list. Each item in that list has a catalog number. That number, in turn, refers to an entry in our Parts Catalog. Look up the part in the catalog and there you will find not only a source but the source's part number for ordering. We can't promise the price will be the lowest possible but it will be reasonable.

HELP TWO - Some of the parts are unique to LearnCSE, in particular the robot bodies and the special printed circuit boards. For these we provide two ways to obtain these special parts:

  1. You can order them from us. We believe our prices are reasonable and you save time and work. Or,
  2. You can make them yourself. We lay out our circuit boards in Fritzing and our robot bodies in Adobe Illustrator. The files for these are available on this page. You may use them however you wish, subject to our open hardware licensing agreement.

HELP THREE - If you want to leave the parts chasing to us and use your time more productively we sell kits. You can find these in our online store.

UPDATE: As of February, 2020, the online parts store has been removed.

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