This past June and July we offered an intensive, 3-week version of our basic class, lessons 1 through 18. This was through the Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WaNIC). Attending were about 60 high school students, earning at their choice either science or career credit. As is usual the final assessment was the requirement to significantly enhance their rolling robots to make it excel at robot soccer, robot sumo, or robot rally. An enhancement must be both something tangible and accompanied by enabling Arduino code. Students had access to a laser cutter and a 3D printer. For the first time we also awarded points for aesthetic enhancement. To our surprise and pleasure the students rose to the challenge. Here are a few of the final robot bodies. We care about this because we are considering adding aesthetic design to an engineering pathway for our school. This is still a long way from product design but it is an encouraging start.

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Ice Cream Truck